Lemon-Chile Green Bean Pickles

IMG_3393 G and I love our Saturday morning Farmers’ Market trips, and most weeks we load our bags to the brim, arriving home wondering what will we do with all of these vegetables– a delicious “problem.” When we’re really lucky, our friends and family gift us more veggies. Due to an influx of green beans–yellow and green wax beans, and meaty romano beans–I decided to pickle a few handfuls. I used a recipe from the August issue of Bon Appétit and crafted these spicy, citrusy, fresh pickles. Because the beans aren’t blanched, they are super crisp. I skipped the chiles de arbol and instead added rings of a hot banana pepper from the market, which added consistent heat. The interplay of the heat with the tang of lemon, the brightness of dill (my variation on the recipe), and the slight note of sweetness, produces a pickle that is addictive, and the perfect accoutrement for a simple summer lunch or dinner. G is eager to add one to a weekend Bloody Mary. I encourage you to make a jar, too–they keep in the fridge for 2 months, if you don’t eat them sooner.